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This is my official website, where you find news and insights of my work. Below you see a mural I made for the Waterdepartment of Hanover. It is more than 40m wide and over 5m high. The water pipe system you see here is totally painted out of text. The closer you get to the wall, the more you experience and a micro cosmos opens up. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Thanks for stopping by.

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Heroes of the city

– Streetart –


It is about history and extraordinary people who were responsible for the development of their hometowns or adopted home cities. The portrays of these icons like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln or Marie Antoinette are made out text containing a message with thoughts of the represented person. The series started in July 2014 in Hanover/ Germany with Sophia of Hanover and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.


Gandhis until 2019


Hours Of Sleep


Cans Gloss Per Painting


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Once upon a time, far far away, behind the 8 mountains, there was born a boy. In the age of 1 he started to paint any wall he could reach in his house, with his lovely colorful crayons, much to the displeasure of his mother. So it came that for the time at the age of two, he quit a great career as an artist. After finishing school he studied religion and political science, but felt soon, that this was not enough. The world was a surprise bag, full with miracles. And he began to travel all the different continents with passion for the beauty of life, with all it´s sunrises and sunsets.

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