Born as a millennial

2004-2009 Study political and religious science, specialized in Indian and Hinduistic symbology

2008 Founding of the Bharata Art Gallery, the biggest indian art Gallery in Europe with over 600 Artworks, main place of residence: Berlin / Cyprus

2009-2015 Main place of residence Istanbul, Photo tours, some longterm to Paris, New York, Berlin, Shanghai, Hongkong, Peking, Chennai and Hamburg

2010 Beginning of painting: “modern figurative, beginning with professional photography

05-06/2013 First solo exhibition: “Whispering lines” at the ECC in Berlin- Weißensee

12/2013 Solo exhibition: “Stars And Stripes” at Die Kunstgalerie in Hanover, more here

07/2014 Solo Exhibition: “The world without art is..” at Dr. Krafczyk and Partner in Hanover

07/2014 Launch of “Helden der Stadt” – streetart project

06/2015 „Heldenwand“ – Streetart: 14 portraits of Hanover icons finished at Nienburger Straße in Hanover

06-08 2015 „Water Mural“, artwork 40m x 5m for the Waterdepartment of Hanover

01/2016 published

01/2016 Binary codes at the Royal Herrenhausen Gardens and at the Leibniz University of Hanover

01-06/2016 Exhibition „Leibniz in bester Gesellschaft“ at the Townhall of Hanover

06/2016 Exhibition “Metropolitan Aura” at Goodguidance in Hanover Isernhagen

07-11/2016 Exhibition Leibnizportrait “Leibnix” at the Wilhelm Busch Museum in Hanover

08/2016 Exhibition “Money Talks” at the Tresor in Isernhagen

11-12/2016 Exhibition „Leibniz in bester Gesellschaft“ at the Townhall of Hanover

01/2019 First Book: “Fenders and Tales”

2019 several group exhibitions in Los Angeles

06-07/2020 Exhibition “Blumen für Elise, Eine Beethoven Story.” Rocket Gallery, E-Damm 100

2021 Typography Summer School at the Royal College of Art / London

12/2021 Winner of GMUND Award with Beethoven Rhapsody, more info

2021-Today Beginning Interior Design while working on a perfume series, tigers, astronauts etc – ongoing..

04/2023 Preparation for the next show called “The Last Tiger”

Upcoming exhibitions and more info: here


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