2 Weeks in Shenzhen / China

2 Weeks in Shenzhen / China

Shenzhen is a stunning city. The possibilities are huge for creators, who are in love with technical inventions.

In march 2017 I started with my prototype e-scooter and a ton of good will a new design & production company. Design stands for product design and production means especially production of content like online shops, videos or photos for different customers.

The thing with new stuff like for example my e-scooter is, that the existing parts or even scooters are far away from what I needed or wanted and I had to find someone with the engeneering skills to transform my design idea into reality. That’s why I’m in Shenzhen right now – the hardware capital of the world. And it’s true it is really the hardware capital: Almost every phone, speaker, technical accessory, drones and much more are made here. The electronic markets are so big that it would take weeks to see everything. Here are also some of the best production companies for scooters, hoover boards and skateboards and luckily I can choose now between different engineers to realize my idea.

Stay tuned…..

ps: Of course I work as well on a bunch of videos which will be out soon..